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Old Rearview Alley

"Rearview Alley", 36"x48" acrylic 2104.  

A vintage bike leaning on a tree, with a back bumper angle of beautiful vintage trucks!  All for sale in my neighbors farmhouse yard.  The first time I saw it, I almost gave myself whiplash while driving down the road.

The word Love is painted in as an underpainting, because I put words in that uplift me and subconsciously lift others up when they view it, and …….I do LOVE the vintage vehicles!  


 I also let my family write their names in this painting.  Harm, Jake, Josie, Jaclyn and Jesse.  Even a family friend Ryen is in here too.  When they walk by my easel I give them a paint brush and they paint it in.  I then paint around it leaving it visible, yet barely.

This painting earned a People's Choice award at the Starline Factory, 4th Fridays Art Exhibit.  

Original painting - 36"x48" is part of a private collection.



Old Rearview Alley


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Old Rearview Alley